Cash Keeping Services

CKS is the Cost Effective, Promotor Friendly "one-stop shop" company set up to protect and increase income from the Entrance Area to any Event.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Cash Control and Crowd Management logistics.

We tailor make packages to suit our customer's individual requirements.

Specialists in:

  • Pre-book Tickets
  • Early Registration
  • Cash Handling
  • Statistics
  • Staffing
  • Accreditation Check
  • Pass Out Facility

We also offer:

  • Personalised Pre-printed tickets
  • Personalised Wristbands
  • Print Bunny Machines with Customised Receipts
  • Services
  • Cash Keeping
  • Technology
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Benefits


CKS Tickets offers a unique backup to Event Managers. We organise and control all elements of an Event which involve Cash/Entrance Gates/Merchandising. Our goal is to assist Event Managers in any way possible.

We cover:

  • The first meeting regarding the customer requirements
  • Liaison with relevant banks and Cash In Transit Companies
  • Supply of staff to cover relevant key posts
  • We operate at any hour of the day or night! Ryder Cup start time – 5am 
  • We operate indoors or outdoors and are well equipped for all weather conditions.
  • Advise on crowd control relating to the Entrance Area
  • Extraction of relevant statistics. Every event is different and we design whatever forms are needed to extract all the relevant statistics required at the end of each day/event.
  • Balancing of all Cash received
  • Final liaison with bank regarding confirmation of receipt of all lodgments
  • Professional presentation of all statistics relating to the event
  • Wages facility for Irish Employees employed by Event Organisers from other countries
  • Modern user friendly ticket machines that make accurate statistics available at the push of a button.
  • Personalised wristbands – tamper proof and waterproof – pre ordered in bulk or available on the day for smaller numbers.


  1. Advise regarding float orders and breakdown required to completerun/operate your event in the most efficient manner.
  2. Ordering these floats on your behalf or at least preparing the order in banking terms for you to order yourself.
  3. Advise regarding Cash in Transit. We strongly encourage no cash To be left on the premises overnight and regular pick-ups should be made to keep exposed cash levels to a minimum.
  4. Make up and distribution of floats at the start of day.
  5. Regular collections during the event from all cash points.
  6. Final balance of each cashier with float deduction and sales statistics extracted.
  7. Overall Balance of the takings and lodgments prepared for the Bank.
  8. Float order re lodged in full
  9. All cash signed for and accounted for throughout the event.


Over the past years CKS has made many technological investments. We pride ourselves on being as up to date as possible with technology while always keeping in mind Security, Accuracy, Efficiency, Confidentiality etc.


  1. This piece of machinery is one of the most basic and user friendly pieces of equipment we own.
  2. It allows multiple priced ticket sales through any one Entrance gate. (no more queues as specified stiles)
  3. It issues a receipt for all cash received.
  4. It allows children stay with their parents by issuing a zero value ticket.
  5. It acts as a receipt for refund purposes in the unlikely event of the Event being cancelled prior to an agreed time.
  6. This in turn allows the Event to open even if there is a shadow over its commencement.
  7. It offers accurate statistics at the push of a button at any stage of the day.
  8. It gives final statistics of attendance and cash received.
  9. It does not loose its totals due to power failure
  10. It limits the number of Entrance Gates needed as anyone can go to any Gate. (Saving on staffing)
  11. It allows staggered opening and closing times so not all staff need to be there at the start or finish when things are quiet. Thus speeding up the whole wrapping up process at the end of day.


We offer personalised wristbands at a very competitive rate.

They are:

  • Designed and printed specially for your event
  • Extremely professional looking
  • Waterproof
  • Tamperproof
  • Can be colour coded for entry to different areas or highlight different types of customers.
  • They can be pre printed in bulk prior to the event or printed on the day for smaller requirements


  1. This is a new venture which we are really hoping will bring all our Events right up to date with technology. These codes allow Tickets to be closely monitored at all times.
  2. This allows for multiple functions on one ticket. Perhaps one ticket could include: Entry/Programme/Refreshment/Meal etc
  3. It can Allow entry to more than one area should the need arise


  1. These give an accurate reading of the exact attendance at any given time.
  2. These give an accurate reading of the breakdown of tickets that have been used to gain entry.
  3. Again a customer can go to any Entrance Area and have their ticket Scanned – no unnecessary queuing at designated stiles.
  4. Easy cancellation in the event of tickets being lost or stolen.


  1. CKS offers this service to all our customers which might not have the need for visa facilities all year round.
  2. This facility is quite costly to set up and expensive to maintain and we offer it purely for the duration of the event and with our Pre-book service


We supply Exceptional Staff personally trained to the highest standards in

  • Professionalism
  • Courtesy
  • Friendliness
  • Efficiency
  • Confidentiality
  • Cash Keeping Skills
  • Local Knowledge (Both on and around the event)

We supply staff for

  • Stile Operations
  • Merchandise sales
  • Cash Supervisors
  • Cash Office Personnel
  • Accreditation Checkers
  • Queue Managers
  • Pass In/Out Facilitators

We supply staff with an extremely high standard of Customer Service and Awareness.


  • Operating systems which lead to higher profits as a result of fully accountable operating systems.
  • Exceptional Staff personally trained to adhere to simple guidelines regarding Entrance Procedures and correct qualifications for Special Offers and Special Promotions. Hence increased profit due to customers paying the correct Entrance Prices (OAP/Student etc. Proper ID required and requested)
  • Staff excel in professionalism and efficiency while looking after your clients. We are aware that we are the face of your Event as your customer arrives onsite. First Impressions do count!!
  • Full Statistics available at any agreed time or date. Assists with crowd control, health and safety, cash control issues.
  • Lower Bank Charges to the Organiser for any Cash lodged as lodgments are made up to full Banking Standards. (All cash is double counted and initialled) A detailed breakdown is supplied on each lodgment docket.
  • A personal service is supplied regarding our Pre-book Ticketing Company. One small business looking after other small businesses in the industry with the capability of taking everything to the next level for the larger event.
  • Vital familiarity regarding/dealing with customers follows through from Pre Books to the Ticket Collection Facility. Realistic cut off date for posting online sales leads to less stress on your customer regarding delivery of tickets close to the Event.
  • Pre Event Planning is the secret to our success. Once we are onboard we try to keep everything and everyone on-track with as much preparation work completed as possible prior to the event which leaves us free to deal with any eventuality during the event itself.
  • Every Event Manager has only one person to deal with or contact at any stage and that's Paula. Before, during and after the event one person is in control and aware of everyting that's going on in my area.

Our Customers

  • Victory Centre +

    At the Victory Centre, Firhouse Road, we operate a full Box Office Service for their 1,000 Seated Auditorium. Our facility includes Familiarisation Map of the Auditorium along with Personal Choice and instant Allocation from all available seats.
  • Fine Gael +

    We have developed and will operate a full accreditation check for all delegates authorised to attend this highly prestigious Event. We will follow this up with a simple but effective personalised wristband system to assist with multiple entry validation once registration has been completed.
  • Punchestown +

    Punchestown Racecourse – the very Prestigous 5 day Festival. Also numerous other events held between the racecourse and the event centre.
  • Leopardstown +

    Leopardstown Racecourse – All Racedays including their Christmas Festival
  • Curragh +

    Curragh Racecourse - all racedays including the very prestigeous Dubai Duty Free Derby Weekend
  • Bellewstown +

    Bellewstown Racecourse – all race days
  • Laytown +

    Laytown racecourse – annual meeting
  • Ryder Cup 2010 +

    Ryder Cup 2010 – employed by Ryder Cup LTD and the PGA to operate as frontline customer service for any queries regarding tickets/transport and all general customer enquiries throughout the event. This position used our expertise/knowledge of 2006 to the best advantage. 
  • Ryder Cup 2006 +

    Ryder Cup 2006 – official contractor for all ticket checking, queue management and id checking for this once in a lifetime event. Successfully ran all 6 entry points and enforced strict rules and regulations set out by Ryder Cup LTD. In a professional manor we utilised 160 staff in 6 locations over 6 days.
  • Irish Open Golf Championship +

    Irish Open Golf Championship- Drogheda/Carton House/Adare Manor/ Drogheda/Killarney 2010/2011
  • Smurfit Kappa European Open +

    Smurfit Kappa European Open – K Club
  • National Country Fair +

    national country fair – held in emo, co laois. This was an extremely Successful event with well over the expected attendance. Cks coped admirably with tremendous pressure regarding volume of people under extremely hot conditions.
  • Irish International Badminton Championships +

    Irish International Badminton Championships-tournament director Total organisation of an international sporting event– including, database of all players entered in the tournament, court hire, employment of officials, accommodation, transport of players to and from the airport and the venue, entry form control and collection of all fees due. This tournament has proved to be a very successful event organised within the rules and regulations of the european badminton union. Also tournament director for the polonia cup – u 17 european badminton tournament
  • World Rally Championship +

    World Rally Championship, Sligo – charged at the entrance to the pit area of this very prestigious and successful event in 2007 and 2009  
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